Meet Our Receptionists

  • Brittany P.

    Brittany graduated Miller Motte College for Veterinary Technician in 2014,She worked at Benson Animal Hospital from 2014-2015 while finishing school. Brittany came to Six Forks Animal Hospital in August of  2015 and since then, has come to know the ins and outs of our hospital like the back of her hand. She comes home to her loving dogs, Bristol and Nash, whom you may see playing outside sometimes with our daycare dogs. Elton John is also a resident at Brittany's household.

  • Courtney G.
    Hospital Support Leader

    Courtney came to us in 2014 with a tremendous love for animals. Throughout the day, you will usually find her helping out her fellow coworkers. She is also the face you'll must always see on Sundays for boarding pickups! She comes home to her 4 dogs, Dutch, Oakley, Marley, and Layla. She loves spending her extra time hanging with her family by the pool.