About Us

About Us - History

Six Forks Animal Hospital was founded in North Raleigh by Dr. Jerry Langdon on September of 1967. For the first nine years, the hospital was housed in a custom-designed 60' x 12' mobile home, where all hospital procedures were performed.

Six Forks Animal Hospital, 1967

In order to meet the changing needs of the hospital, a new building was constructed on the same property behind the mobile home. On October 26th, 1976, the hospital moved from the mobile home into the building used today.

Six Forks Animal Hospital, 1976

More than thirty years since founded, Six Forks Animal Hospital continued under the direction of three if Raleigh's finest veterinarians, Dr. Stephen P. Sullivan, Dr. Glenn M. Driscoll, and Dr. Jackie H. Price. Dr. Stephen P. Sullivan became an associate veterinarian in September of 1980, he then purchased the practice in January of 1982. Dr. Glenn M. Driscoll joined our practice as an associate in 2001, whom then became a partner in January of 1994. Dr. Jackie H. Price joined the practice as an associate in 2001, and later became a partner in January 2003. Dr. Driscoll and Dr. Price graduated together from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. 

A plaque honoring our founder Dr. Jerry Langdon, hangs in front of the reception area, serving as a daily reminder and inspiration to continue Dr. Langdon's dream of providing quality veterinary care to the beloved pets in our community.