Elton, Tina & Zippy

  • Elton John

    You all know the famous Elton John, right? This little fella was found literally on our doorstep in 2015 in his carrier. Our receptionists heard his wimper and cries for help, walked outside and low and behold, we discovered Elton John. We took him in, gave him love, vaccines, and all the medical care he needed. After looking in every aspect we could for his owner, and not having any luck, we decided to take him in as one of our own. The name Elton John came to be from his spunky attitude, and little dance moves. This little fur ball of energy, welcomes our clients with dances, barks, and kisses galore! Give him a treat and he may let you pick him up!

  • Tina Turner

    We can't forget about teeny tiny Tina Turner! Tina was found in 2015 around the intersection of Woodbend Drive and Six Forks Rd. She was brought to us in search of her owner, after several advertisements and posters, we were unable to find her owner. However, we had several clients on her wanted list! After vaccinating, grooming and lots of TLC we decided Tina was the perfect fit for our Six Forks Family. Of course we had to name her Tina Turner because you can't have Elton without Tina! You can find her spunky self, strutting her stuff through the halls with her best friend Elton John right by her side. 

  • Zippy

    Zippy came to us in 2013 with the same UPS man who delivers our packages today! He found him wandering on his route while delivering packages and brought him right over to us where we nurtured him, and made him our first ever hospital pet, he to this day will greet our clients with a chirp, or maybe a swat, depending on the kind of day he is having. He is our sassy one of a kind, king of the cat room hospital cat and we wouldn't want it any other way. You can find him on Halloween dressed like a pirate, or on Christmas dressed like Santa's little helper!